Jan 11, 2020
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Save and rescue global animals donation association 2020

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Save and rescue global animals donation association 2020. if you want to help and support us to save and rescue and support the global animal around the world, welcome send us donation by paypal to support us in any global city, we need your financial helping and supporting! you can send us your financial support by paypal from your current city around the world and we are helping and saving and rescuing for the global animals over 150 countries in everyday around the world this actually we need your financial help and support and we are helping those animals are not only mainly cat and dog only and including many different types of other animals from the world.

our Paypal mail : gloriachan1972@sina.com

p.s. thank you for support us no matter how much you send us that will help us really for the global animal rescuing and saving and our headquarter is in UK London where is nearby high street station or near holiday inn London now.You can support(send)us how much you want such as from $1 USD to $500000 USD by Paypal that is also ok no problem at all and up to you casually!

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