Crown 专业物业估价

我们的估价服务报告有:印花税(Stamp Duty Valuation),现在市场(Current Market Valuation),市场回顾(Retrospective Market Valuation),预购市场(Pre-Purchase Market Valuation),预售市场(Pre-Sale Market Valuation),遗嘱认证市场(Probate Market Valuation),婚姻资产认证(Matrimonial Settlement Valuation),保释申请资产认证(Bail Application Valuation),资本增值税认证(Capital Gains Tax Valuation),审计评估(Super Audit Valuation),资产登记认证(Asset Register Valuation)以及物业保险评估(Strata & General Insurance Valuation)。

Real Estate Company:


Crown Commercial Real Estate &Valuation

Crown Partners Holding Pty Ltd ABN 24 150 261 779

Registered Property Valuers, email:,
联系人 Henson Liang 梁 Mobile: +61430611338

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