Aug 24, 2021
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The Canadian caring global animals Chinese/Taiwanese donation private association league(U.K branch department)

我们多年(近8年左右)緃横全球各地帮助不同地方的各种流浪亍头的动物和全球無家的浪流露宿者和孤兒們,只為帶給它們暫时或永久性的一絲温暖及助它們重建美好的將來,回復正常生活,如果你也可以向我们出一分力帮助,万幸欢迎和感激!多少不拘, 那怕只有1元也好,10元也好100也好1000也好,5000也好,更多也好….,儘您的能力便OK, 在海外異郷或国內外生活的或来自五湖四海二岸四地不同階层背景年代背景职業的朋友同胞们,请多多大力支持我们一下!我们确实需要您们的每天支持和每分力量!因我們所有員工每天也在全球各地為它們/他們/她們每天在拼博儘最大努力去幫助它們/他們/她們, 在此无限地再一次感谢每天也給我們援助全球亍头动物和全球無家的浪流露宿者和孤兒們的善款的捐贈朋友同胞們, 謝謝你們来自五湖四海不同階层背景年齡的朋友们的善款力量, 一定幫到我們在世界各地援助所有有需要的亍头流浪流離失所的弱劫动物們和全球無家的浪流露宿者和孤兒們!為善不甘后人!請幫助我們!

We need your financial help and assist to help and rescue global helpless pets/animals/orphan/homelessness in financial support and assist in 24h and everyday.

所有支持善款可由paypal or other ways转给我们!在paypal输入我们电郵即可转来!轉來时備註請說明”支援2021加拿大爱護全球亍头动物華人協会(英国分会)”即可!

our paypal :

paypal me :

emt / e-transfer : (for chinese-canadian donation only)

accept rmb / 接受人民币 now , for more details contact with us ,plz add our whatsapp : 8613600366491 (此號码也可以作为用wechat pay/微信支付功能轉帳給我們之用,即在支付功能選項選輸入対方電話號碼和金額即可),add our Line : goodhelper2021

accept rmb / 接受人民币 alipay 支付宝 id : 13600366491(何XX).

若想了解我們更多或想商討更多事宜或想以更多的其它方法捐款給我們支持出一分力(如經国際銀行滙款或轉帳/international any overseas bank remittance/local bank transfer/international bank transfer),西聯滙款/western union/money gram(速滙金),venmo/transfer wise ,歡迎與我們直接聯系, 電郵/mail :

p.s.1. Our global current donation total amount is 108634 USD around now/目前所收到的捐款數目總余額.(2021/24/08)updated.

p.s.2. 另感謝每天也堅持給我們捐款一定數目來自全求五湖四海全球各大城市的海外華人各界好友和人們.本会特此再一次衷心感謝all of you guys.


These our 4 Canada and UK bank accounts , you can send donation funds to one of them or all of them that is also ok can help us in finance to help and rescue global . After you send/transfer/send international overseas bank remittance to us then plz take a photo receipt to send us coz it can notify us it’s your donation transfer to us directly. thank you very much for all of you guys help around the world chinese or foreigners too.


Bank name : metro bank
Bank account holder name : sau hoon hng
Account Number: 40936254
Sort Code: 23-05-80
IBAN: GB49MYMB23058040936254


一Account holder name :
sau hoon hng
Institution number
Account number
Transit number
Address :
TransferWise Canada Inc.
99 Bank Street, Suite 1420
Ottawa ON K1P 1H4


Starling Bank
Receiver name : Sau Hoon Hng
IBAN: GB43SRLG60837165738472
Starling Bank.
Name: Sau Hoon Hng
Account Number: 65738472
Sort Code: 608371


Receiver name / 收款人名字
First Name / 名 : Bao Ying
Last name / 姓 : Cao
Canada Scotia bank account transit number / 银行账户中转号码 : 284720387983
Bank account / 銀行帳號 : 0387983
Institution: 002
Swift code / 国际银行代码 : NOSCCATT
Bank Address / 銀行地址 : 4723 Steeles Ave East, Scarborough, ON, M1V4S51

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